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Enchanted Society And Leaders

by Bell Reporters

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The other day, a highly placed representative of the Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano disclosed that the Government House in Awka was under the spell of ‘evil spirits’ and urged Church ‘leaders to pray fervently to counter the influence of such negative forces’.

Even though Governor Obiano has refuted that weighty accusation levelled against unseen forces, the word is out again.
Three years ago, Mallam Garba Shehu , one of the spokespersons of President Muhammadu Buhari had revealed that Aso Rock, Nigeria’s seat of power was a haunted place , infested by rats which needed to be sacked.

Infact , the President and Commander -in – Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria had to vacate the place for a period of time so that a war could be waged against the legendary ‘rats’. Nobody knows whether those ‘rats’ were physical or spiritual ‘rats’.Many people, especially non Africans, may have considered that a huge joke but the view from outside is more often at variance with that of the insiders who live within the corridors of power, direct witnesses to several activities, decisions, occurences that are abnormal, illogical and unexplainable.

It is not debatable that the ‘force of superstition’ is still very potent and practioners of magic and the ‘ black arts’ in the African continent and Nigeria in particular still take pride in their fancy. The tragedy is that the targets and ultimate victims hardly realize that they have been caught in a well – woven cobweb.

The victims still live in denial and carry on as if all were correct.Most of these victims would even take offence seriously and openly if a more discernable person were to draw attention to the fact. Few days later, the Deputy Governor of Anambra State, Mr Nkem Okeke rebutted the statement earlier made on behalf of his Governor concerning a spell in the Government House at Awka.

A public denial is a sign of courage and spiritual correctness but those who know, are sure that some leaders , having been hooked , live in perpetual fear.

Back in Akwa Ibom, the energetic and passionate Commissioner for Works , Mr Ephraim Inyang pointed publicly to the antics of ” artificial rainmakers” in Oruk Anam which elicited an ” aha ” response.Believe it or not, Africa and Nigeria is an enchanted society with enchanted leaders spelt “the system”!

An enchanted society believes in magic and magical powers, love and marriage loyalty potions/ balms , trade in mutilated body parts, pubic hair , human heads, prayer houses, worship of streams, rivers, large body of waters, huge trees, hills and mountains.The tremendous breakthroughs and advances in Science and technology haven’t held back a lot.

One may wonder how enchanted “systems” show ? The answers are not far fetched; the commonest display is when leaders with all the potentials for excellence become clueless, misguided , misdirected ,pig- headed, deaf to contrary views which could serve causes better.It is seen when leaders ” the system ” become dumb to situations which quick intervention would have changed a course in a positive way or when they exhibit dutch- courage in tackling problems.

“Systems” and leaders who groan under the heavy load of evil abracadabra could be seen in mistimed and misjudged decisions even when all leads urge a different path way .Haunted “systems” and leaders display when ordinary men and women are turned by them into tin gods overnight.These glorified ones become very special and must be assigned to every important responsibility. If such persons are not handy, a leader under a spell would develop the shaking disease(Alzheimer), albeit, temporarily.

It is seen when numbskulls are preferred to better endowed ones and when scarce resources are misapplied or misappropriated. An example is when meddling and dabbling in completely extraneous matters become official agenda.

Yes, a larger part of the African society and their leaders still struggle under a “spell” but blaming witchery for wrong doings and dismal performance in public office though an easy past time, won’t count for sustainable legacies.

At the end of the day , charms, incantations, abracadabra, sorcery, bewitchment and enchantment dissipate like a mirage and every leader ” the system” would stand alone on the podium for public ovation or rebuke.

No one else would carry the can.

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